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Hi I'm Jenni Rose
I am excited you are here and are interested in learning more about how to live with Heart & Soul
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Yes, Essential Oils are my #1 tool for living with Heart & Soul
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I am so excited you have found me and are interested in learning more about how essential oils can help you live with more heart & soul!

Are you ready to live a life with
Heart and Soul?

Wait up, what does that even mean?

Well for me it is about finding ways I can do ‘all the things’; be a mum, a wife, run a business, run a household (a full-time role in itself) and do it all knowing I am showing up as the best version of me that I can. 

To say we live in highly stressful times is an understatement and I have had my fair share of overwhelm, stress and anxiety.  As a matter of fact it is something I live with and need to work on every single day.  I want to show how I am making ‘me’ a priority and how you can also find ways to find yourself, keep the balance and calm and do ‘all the things’! 

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Here is why Essential Oils are the tool I use every single day

My favourite doTERRA Starter Packs

Home Essentials Starter Pack

Our most popular starter pack contains 10 of our most popular essential oils—the perfect way to start your doTERRA journey!

Emotional Wellness Starter Pack

The Emotional Wellness Starter Pack has been put together with a range of oils to help achieve the state of mind you are searching for. These are some of my most used daily essential oils! 

Featured Starter kits

dōTERRA Starter Packs

Get started with a great pack of essential oils suited to your needs and budget.  Can’t find what you are looking for? Drop me a message as custom kits can be created just for you! 

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