Jenni Rose

Thanks for being here. Let me tell you a little bit more about me.

I am incredibly honoured to be able to share the way I am living a life with more calm, balance and connection!

I am a mum of 4 and passionate Essential Oil user and educator. I love sharing the message of how these oils have enriched my life, supported my family’s health and wellness and led me on a path of fulfilling my own goals and dreams.

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It isn’t always easy being a mum!

Let’s put that out there right now! Being a mum is hard work. And for me being a mum with some – let’s say crazy and challenging kids in tow – had really taken its toll on my emotional health. I really needed to move from chaos to calm and quieten down the mind chatter that was almost taking over my life!

After leaving a difficult work environment in 2013, I was at an all time low and lost all self confidence. I wasn’t taking good care of my family or myself and I felt disconnected and alone. These are the times you start to believe all the negative thoughts floating around in your head! My mind was anything but calm and I was plagued by stress and anxiety.


I guess you could say at my emotional low I began my spiritual journey. I started to meditate and found that it brought me immense peace. I studied Reiki and met some amazing energy healers. I had started to heal myself. I recognised that health and wellness was more than the physical and more than the emotional it really was a whole approach – body, mind and spirit.

When Essential Oils entered my life it was like the missing piece of the puzzle.

I admit when I first started using the oils I wasn’t even open to the emotional benefits of the oils and it was all about the physical and how I could use these oils with my children for health issues and reduce toxins and synthetics.

I thought having the oils in a diffuser was just going to make my house smell good (they do by the way) but they did so much more than that. We have had so many wins with the oils – firstly helping our nightly respiratory issues for my daughter, we have supported countless digestive issues with a drop of the oils, we have overcome coughs and colds without running to the chemist – the oils were incredible!

Whilst they diffused away in the background of the home, they were helping us all emotionally also. I found the oils I loved which made us feel emotionally happy and uplifted (hello Balance and Bergamot) and we would diffuse those mostly. We were all feeling happier and healthier. I found that my meditation practices were enhanced ten fold by the oils. I started journalling while my essential oils soothed my soul and the fog began to lift.


Now I couldn’t imagine a day without my oils and we use them for EVERYTHING!!!

If I only had the emotional and mood support from them it would be amazing but they have blessed our life with helping us in so many other ways also. I use them for first aid, managing health concerns naturally, supporting sleep and relaxation, stress relief, respiratory issues, reducing toxins around the home, making super easy natural and safe body and household products, in cooking and in cleaning, for focus and concentration, immunity support, energy and so much more!!! I also get to share all of these benefits far and wide as I build an oils business that is blessing us financially also.

Whilst essential oils are a huge part of my life, these are a few other things that I love:


Journalling and writing – I mean just pick up a pen and write!

Good news stories

Oracle , Tarot Cards & Crystals

People following their dreams

Good coffee (Hubby and I have a ritual where everyday we will have a coffee together – no kids allowed – and we can talk and connect)

Sleep ins (I am not sure I will ever be a morning person)

Not having to cook – haha – hard one to avoid in a family of six but I will put this out there anyway!

So please stick around as I share some hints and tips to help you swap out the chaos for calm (well some of the time anyway), find what lights you up and do more of that and all in all live a life more balanced and connected to your own goals and dreams.

And for me it all came together with these gorgeous bottles of oils….