Are you Playing Small?


I recently had a discussion with a friend about life and business.  I was reflecting on how ironic it was I find myself in a business where I am being so visible.   I think for most of my life I have been really happy to blend in, not be the centre of attention and generally fly under the radar.

All in all I have been playing small.

Don’t get me wrong, it is comfortable there and I have enjoyed it mostly but it doesn’t always give you the results you hope for.

I remember leaving my last workplace where I had worked for 15 years. Quiet and unassuming (but a great worker) I left without much fanfare just as I had wanted.  Whilst all of my close work colleagues I am sure were sad to see me go it was interesting to hear not long after I left others in the organisation couldn’t even remember me.  I mean I was there 15 YEARS!  Whilst at the time I brushed it off it was another example that proved the story I had told myself, I was forgettable and invisible. I have got myself caught up in that story that I am forgettable, that people don’t and won’t remember me. It’s not exactly a great place to be especially for someone building their own business!

I have thought more and more about this conversation since then (if you don’t already know I am a classic over thinker!) but I find it fascinating that I would choose this path and create a new story. If someone had of told me a few years ago I would have my own oils business I would think they were crazy! But somehow these magic bottles of oils sparked something in me that made me want to be more than someone just on the sidelines.

You see, I am over playing small.

Sure it is comfortable and unassuming there but it also stifles growth, dulls that light and means I will continue to just stay here instead of moving forward over there where I want to be.

I have realised to grow, I need to reconnect to who I am, what I am about and why I started this path in the first place.   I am all about calm and balance yet I feel misaligned inside.

For the next few weeks I am going to go a bit deeper, dig through some layers, do the work so I can start to show up as a better version of myself.  Someone that no longer feels they are forgettable.   I know these oils are once again going to play a pivotal role in this and will be the tools I use to reconnect, nurture and nourish myself first.  I know when I do this, I will be able to show up and serve you all even better. 

I am looking forward to sharing this journey of self -care, self- love and self-respect with you all.  I am excited to go back to basics with my oils and focus on the ways I need to be using them everyday to support myself, my emotions and my health. Will you join me? 

Let’s support each other and stop playing small – we all deserve to share our light with the world.


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