Diffuser Blends on a Budget


I am excited to share a whole range of diffuser blends with you – all using doTERRA essential oils priced at under $30AUD per bottle. 

These are based on our wholesale prices because we know no-one wants to be paying retail and buying at wholesale prices is best for your budget also!

So let’s do a little bit of maths here.  Every single oil I feature below is under $30 as a matter of fact the most expensive one here is one of our most versatile and well loved oils – Lavender. It is $28 and you get around 250 drops per 15ml bottle, that works out to be 12 cents per drop!  Lemon another of our most used and loved oils is around 6 cents per drop.  If you are using 6 drops in a diffuser over a 4 hour period it can cost you way less than a dollar!   And you can do way more with your Lavender or Lemon than JUST use it in a diffuser. 

Let’s look at some of the wholesale prices of our oils:

  • Lemongrass $13.00
  • Lemon $13.50
  • Lime $17
  • Eucalyptus $18
  • Grapefruit $20.25
  • Citrus Bliss $20.50
  • Rosemary $21.50
  • Tea Tree $24.50
  • Balance $27
  • Peppermint $26.50
  • Black Pepper $26.50
  • Lavender $28 

I hope you enjoy my list of diffuser blends on a budget you can find below – you can even download it and print it out. If you haven’t set up your own wholesale account, I would love to help you out and continue to support you in making the most out of your oils.  In terms of value I really love our Home Essentials Kit of oils – it comes with our Top 10 oils, a diffuser and until October 15 a free Ice Blue Rub, Ice Blue Oil and 50 free product points.  That means on top of the incredible savings of the kit you also get approximately $170 of freebies (I can help you choose your 50points of oils to maximise savings). 

Home Essentials Kit includes:

15ml (250drops) – Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Oregano, Easy Air, Digestzen, Onguard 

5ml (85 drops) – Ice Blue
– Petal Diffuser
– Wholesale prices for a year – 25% off retail prices
– Welcome Packet with information and extra goodies
-Full Support to use your oils 
– Our Ice Blue Promotion – a free ice Blue Oil + Ice Blue Rub

-50PV (doTERRA product points) to redeem on your choice of oils! 

Main image credit:  Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


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