dōTERRA Business Opportunity

Having a dōTERRA Business is one of the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

This is why I have chosen to partner with dōTERRA.


Most Tested. Most Trusted. Over 4.5 million customers.

The dōTERRA Difference

Most Direct Selling

  • Lead with business opportunity.
  • Product sales depend on opportunity.
  • Sell an opportunity.

dōTERRA Authentic Direct Selling

  • Lead with powerful products.
  • Products sell regardless of opportunity.
  • Share a wellness lifestyle.


dōTERRA – 7 year growth.

dōTERRA Growth

  • Largest essential oil company in the world.
  • Optimal timing for opportunity. (120+ markets open worldwide)
  • Debt-free; no outside interest or funding.
  • Part of the trillion dollar wellness industry.
  • Led by a diverse team of business, marketing and healthcare professionals with 150+ years of combined industry experience.

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Co-Impact Sourcing & Healing Hands Foundations.

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Change The World

dōTERRA creates partnerships with growers around the world, nurturing developing economies and preserving agricultural traditions through dōTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing and dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation initiatives.

Learn more about dōTERRA sourcetoyou.com

Change Lives and Create an Income

Each of us has the opportunity to create and live the life we desire.

With dōTERRA you can build an abundant financial pipeline whilst changing lives. dōTERRA has chosen an authentic direct marketing model. That means that instead of investing money into huge advertising and media campaigns they choose to give money to their Wellness Advocates who are sharing the oils with others.

This model gives us incredible flexibility to work the business into our own lives with the chance to work from home, choose our commitment level and time investment to create a path that is right for us.

Maybe you want to:

  • Pay for your Product
  • Supplement your Income
  • Replace your income

The decision is yours!

Its simple and easy to get started

Firstly, use dōTERRA products and live the Essential Oil Wellness lifestyle.

When you are ready to earn commissions there is a minimum monthly Loyalty Rewards order of 100pv needed. Think of this as your small business overhead investment. Because you love your oils, are using them regularly and are ready to share with others being on the loyalty program is the smartest business decision anyway!

Be ready to share these amazing products with others. Because we lead with powerful products it’s not difficult to share with others and allow them to feel the power and effectiveness of the oils. Essentially, your job is to empower others to create their own wholesale accounts and live the dōTERRA lifestyle.

Teach and support others to embrace an Essential Oil lifestyle! You will want to teach about the benefits of the oils and how our incredible Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest way to buy oils and live the Essential Oil Lifestyle.

Teach and Mentor Others. If you would like to reach a leadership level in dōTERRA you will want to inspire and mentor others also to share and build with dōTERRA also. We have such a unique and incredible chance to collaborate and work together to achieve our goals. As we help each other we can all rise and create the lifestyle and abundance we each desire.

You are in charge. Of course the more you put into your own business the quicker and more consistent your success. You truly are in charge of your financial pipeline so be clear on what you would like to achieve, set your goals and lets work together to achieve them.

Ready to Jump In

Please contact me at jenniroseoils@gmail.com and lets start a conversation. It would be my honour to partner with you and share this life changing business opportunity.

Please download your own copy of the Build Guide here http://www.sharesuccess.com/build/

Potential Income