Getting Started

Buy Your Oils At Wholesale Prices

Let me show you how you can purchase your oils and wellness products at wholesale prices!

By purchasing a dōTERRA enrolment kit or joining for the low cost of $35 you can become a wholesale member with dōTERRA. You will be able to purchase products at wholesale prices which is 25% below retail for a full year.

You can choose to become a wholesale customer (personal use), or a Wellness Advocate (to share oils or build a business) but either way, you’ll receive a generous discount, full support on using your oils and access to exclusive online training programs and member only support groups.

After becoming a member, the (optional) yearly renewal fee is only $25.00, which comes with a free bottle of Peppermint as a thank you!

The best bit is, there are no minimums to buy, requirements or lock in contracts!

If you are not already in contact with someone from doTERRA I would love to welcome you to my community.

Option 1:

Open a wholesale account for $35 and create your own custom order. Remember to look in the wholesale price column and see how much you can save by opening your $35 account today.

Option 2:

Purchase an enrolment kit, which means you get an even bigger discount (Over $200 discount on the Home Essentials Kit) and your $35 account fee is waived. Purchasing a kit is the most valuable way to get started and how I started with doTERRA.

The Wholesale Account Explained

You get this with either Option 1 or 2:

​You save a minimum of 25% OFF retail prices on every purchase.

You are given support and education on how you can incorporate the oils into your everyday life.

You can order as much or as little as you want. (we show you the easy online ordering process)

You have the OPTION to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program.(thinkfree oils program!)

You have the OPTION to receive 10-30% of future purchases back in FREE product points.

You have the OPTION to receive 100% of your shipping costs back in FREE product points.

You have the OPTION to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month, EVERY single month.

You have the OPTION to earn compensation and bonuses if you wish to share with others.

To keep your account active there is an annual $25 renewal fee, which comes with a FREE bottle of Peppermint as a thank you.

It’s YOUR account and YOU are in control – promise!