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The Mood Management Oils have been a game changer in this house and continue to be some of my most used essential oils even after 2 years. I would never be without them. The easiest way to use them is to grab yourself a diffuser and put them on!!! Diffusing essential oils is the easiest way to positively affect your moods and emotions in so many ways. These are simple and effective natural solutions! Here is a rundown on the Mood Management Oils:  

Balance Grounding Blend – This blend of tree oils includes Frankincense and is grounding and nurturing. This is my # 1 Essential Oil that I could never live without!

This oil lessons stress and help with anxious feelings and nerves. Promotes whole body relaxation and feelings of calm and tranquillity.


– I like to use it on my wrists every morning to help me remain calm and feel balanced. It is already diluted with coconut oil so it is ready to go. I take my bottle everywhere so I can reapply as needed.

– The kids know they can grab this one and use a drop if they are feeling overly stressed or anxious. They like to use it on the bottom of their feet, back of the neck or simply get a drop out of the bottle and inhale it.

–We love to diffuse this one so everyone can feel the calming effect of this oil. Awesome when the kids are going a bit crazy!

– Rollerblend recipe – I love to mix this one with Wild Orange (or Citrus Bliss) in a roller ball to help our family in times of high stress or worry.

Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend – Think of happiness in a bottle, so yummy! This one also helps to reduce stress and uplifts the mood. Positively affects mood with energising and refreshing properties.Uses-I love this one in the afternoon when you are feeling that 3pm slump come on and you still have heaps to do! Diffuse or take a drop in your hands and inhale.–Homework and study time is also a great time to diffuse this one and if you have them, try it with Peppermint or Spearmint essential oils.

–Rollerball Recipe – For Emotional Stress combine with Frankincense and Lavender in a rollerball. Apply as needed.Elevation Joyful Blend – Elevates mood and increases vitality. With its energizing aroma, this blend helps to lessen sad and anxious feelings. Promotes a positive mood and energised mind and body.Uses– Mix this one with Citrus Bliss and wear as an uplifting, invigorating and totally natural, perfume!–Diffuse on its own or mix it with any citrus oil, Lemongrass or Peppermint is lovely also.–  Rollerball recipe – for a Joyful Blend combine Elevation, Citrus Bliss, Bergamot, and Frankincense.  Lavender Peace Restful Blend (also known as Serenity) – Everyone needs to relax and be able to switch off and this is the perfect blend to do just that. It promotes relaxation and restful sleep. This one will lessen tension and calm emotions. Helps reduce worry and stress and is a great night-time blend to support sleep.Uses
– Lovely in the diffuser when you want the whole house to get a bit of calm.– Use topically before bed by combining with a couple of drops of fractionated coconut oil and using it down the spine and bottoms of the feet.–Diffuser blend or rollerball recipe – For sleep mix Lavender Peace with Balance and Cedarwood or Frankincense. I use this with my children in a rollerball and they roll on before bed.   

If you have a wholesale account with doterra you can order these yourself for $124 or buy the oils separately.

If you don’t already have oils and want to start with this kit you can open a wholesale account and purchase the 4 oils for $159. Here is how you do it and get these beauties in your home really soon:

Step 1: Go to: 2: Choose Join and Save > Choose your Country > Local Order (OTG) > Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness AdvocateStep 3: Enter your personal details (In the Enroller and Sponsor ID part it should default to my number 2057348 and display the name Jenni Rose, but if not go ahead and enter 2057348 and my name will appear)Step 4: Add the $35 introductory packet to your cart and then search for ‘Mood Management’ in the search bar. You can also add a Petal Diffuser for $55 if you want (highly recommend a diffuser to use with these oils)Step 5: Finalise your shipping and payment options. Click “Process Order Now & Continue”Step 6: Set up your optional order for next month You will receive a welcome pack with recipes and resources, online education opportunities, full support and access to our private oils Facebook community.


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