When using Essential Oils we must respect their potency and use them with care.  Always follow instructions on the bottles, use a ‘less is more’ approach with them by starting and using small amounts only.  Take extra precautions around young children, those who are pregnant or those with medical conditions.  Always consult your doctor or medical  professional for medical advice or with any health concerns.



I encourage the use of a Carrier Oil when using the oils topically (on your skin).  This does not dilute the actual benefits of the oil but in fact lessons the chance of skin sensitivities, helps the essential oils ‘carry’ into your skin efficiently and saves on wasting any of these precious oils. You can find an article on dilution here, which comes from the doTERRA website. As the article explains doTERRA have a line of oils called the ‘Touch’ range which come pre-diluted for safe application on the skin.  I absolutely love to use these for my whole family.


Certain oils (mainly citrus oils) contain organic compounds that make some people’s skin more sensitive to the effects of UV radiation. For this reason it is not recommended you use them on your skin and then expose your skin to sunlight or other artificial UV rays for up to 12 hours.  Common oils that are considered phototoxic are: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, lime, cumin, and any blends containing these oils.  You can find a more detailed explanation on this and the oils and blends labelled photosensitive here.

If you get too much essential oil on your skin or a sensitive area ALWAYS apply a carrier oil and do not wash the area with water. Wipe the area with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba, Sweet Almond or even good old Olive Oil will do!

doTERRA have created some downloadable e-books on the following topics:

  • Essential Oils for Beginners
  • Aromatic Use of Essential Oils
  • Internal Use of Essential Oils
  • Topical use of Essential Oils

I encourage you to use the doTERRA website as a fabulous research resource but please make sure when you are ready to purchase your oils you come back and use my link so that I can provide you with support and assistance.