Using Essential Oils in a diffuser

 I think one of the most amazing ways to use Essential Oils is having them running throughout your home or office in a diffuser. My love of Essential oils started back in high school when I was given an oil burner, you placed some water and drops of essential oils in the top and a tea light underneath.  I loved it and used it regularly.

These days I have discovered that we have moved away from that traditional method of oil burners and there are good reasons for this.  The oils that I choose to you use today have amazing therapeutic qualities and are therefore better used without heat.  Having young children I also much prefer something without on open flame.

So how does a diffuser work?

Basically it creates a fine mist and sends tiny oil particles out into the air.  Following the manufacturers instructions, you would fill the diffuser with water and then use a few drops of essential oils.  In more technical terms –  a diffuser permeates an ultra-fine, yet substantial mist output into the air, releasing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of essential oils quickly and safely.  It does this without heating and helps purify and humidify the air.

How can the oils be of therapeutic benefit if used in a diffuser?

Firstly, this most definitely comes down to the oils you are using.  So always choose Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils.   These oils are free from pesticides, fillers and all contaminants.  They are 100% from the plant and sourced where they are indigenously grown.   Knowing there is nothing added to the oils means they are safe for me to use in my home.  You would never want to be inhaling something manufactured and synthetic throughout your home.

In terms of using the oils in a diffuser, this is an aromatic use of essential oils.  Using Essential Oils aromatically may have the following benefits:

– Cleansing the air

–  Assisting respiratory issues

–  Supporting sleep and relaxation

–  Impacting the mood

–  Assisting with focus and concentration

–  Boosting the immune system

–  Having a beautiful smelling home all naturally!!!

Yes you can use the oils aromatically without a diffuser (try a drop cupped in your hands and inhaled) but having the diffuser used in your home allows the oils to therapeutically disperse throughout the air giving you those benefits above.

I am lucky enough to have several diffusers around my home and they are used on a regular basis.  Each diffuser that I use is good for a room size of  around 30 square metres but the reason I have so many is that they are used in our bedrooms at night.  Whilst it is easy enough to move them around and set them up where you need it, the kids love to have their very own one ready for our night time ritual.

What are some of my favourite combinations?

If you are just starting out reach for any oils you are drawn too.  There are also some truly amazing blends that are therapeutically matched ready for you to use aromatically. I love Balance for grounding and emotional support and it has a beautiful sweet and subtle aroma.  If you need a mid afternoon pick me up or just the aroma of fresh citrus wafting throughout the house, Citrus Bliss is amazing.  Looking for some joy and happiness? – Elevation is a great choice for those days you need a little boost.  Need some help to kick some goals, build momentum or unleash some creativity- Motivate is a new favourite of mine, it combines mints and citrus in a blend that is fresh, clean and minty!

If you love blending your own combinations I personally love-

Wild Orange and Peppermint  – such an uplifting, pep you up blend

Frankincense and Lime – refreshing and happy

Balance and Lavender – a perfect night-time blend

Wild Orange, Lavender and Frankincense – for when I am feeling stressed or anxious

For sleep and calming down – I use a combination of Balance, Frankincense, Vetiver and Cedarwood and this is the blend used in my sons diffuser at night.  If you prefer a blend already made up Lavender Peace is an easy and effective option.

For the cooler months we love Easy Air which supports respiratory health and Onguard which protects my family against seasonal threats.  Easy Air is a regular for my daughters room which helps her sleep and breathe easy all night.

As always complete your own research into using essential oils to ensure you use them safely for your circumstances and family. Classes are a great way to learn more.

The possibilities are endless.  I hope you are enjoying the benefits of diffusing oils in your home and I would love to know your favourite combinations. Happy diffusing!!!


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