Why Essential Heart and Soul?

When I left my last ‘real job’ in 2013 I had dug myself into a bit of a hole. I felt really lost and like I had very little to offer anyone outside of my family. I of course loved being a mum and thought if I just focused on my family everything would be ok. Like most mums know, the more you give, give, give the easier it is to get yourself lost in the process. I wasn’t taking care of ‘me’ and I certainly wasn’t being a great mum in the process. Even though I wasn’t working I was busier than ever and I wore that as my badge of honour – always saying yes and helping everyone who ever asked anything of me. I had no idea how to set boundaries, how to get myself out of the funk and how I would ever get a job again – I mean I really thought I had little to offer.

I have always loved self help books, cds and listening to all the ways you could make more of your life.  As a matter of fact on my 45 minute commute to work I used to listen to self help cds every day.  I can’t say I was actioning them very well but they were weaving their way into my subconscious and I knew I needed to make a shift.  I began to meditate, look into energy work, learnt Reiki, I would journal, write and loved my self readings with Oracle cards.  I knew the something was coming for me and I was so excited for the next chapter to reveal itself. 

In 2015 I began a blog called ‘Living with Heart and Soul’ as I realised I truly wanted to live the BEST version of myself and to me that meant living with Heart and Soul and following my dreams. I still wasn’t sure what that path was but I trusted the process and would write little peices about finding happiness and doing what felt right even when it wasn’t easy.  And then…. ENTER ESSENTIAL OILS 

It was like I had found my calling

Suddenly the pieces started to come together and I found these incredible oils so amazing I loved everything about them.  I found a community of friends and mentors who shared this passion for natural products that really impacted our families health and wellness.  I mean when you can help your own child to settle for sleep at night, turn to oils instead of running to the chemist and making things so you can reduce the toxic product you buy at the supermarket – it is a big deal.  I knew that this was the path I could take to make my life better and those around me. My stress levels decreased, I felt calmer and more in control.  After much turmoil with my sons in their early years I could only imagine how different and easier our lives may have been if we had these oils to turn too. People need these oils and if I could help people to get them I would.  

'Living with Heart and Soul' became 'Essential Heart and Soul'

This was my new beginning and my chance to support others to live their best lives, to live a calmer, more balanced life that enabled them to show up exactly how they wanted too. I really believe when we slow down, when we take time for ourselves, when we listen to our heart and soul we find the answers we seek and the path we need.  

So I ask you.  

What could you achieve if you felt calmer and more in control of your emotions?  

How would it feel to be more connected to yourself and your family?  

What if you could replace chemicals and toxic products with natural solutions?  

What if you took the time to integrate some small daily nurturing rituals into your life?  

How could that change your world?  

What if these small daily changes improved your health, your wellness, your vitality, your moods? 

That is why Essential Heart and Soul is here.  I want you to feel empowered in your life, to do what is right for you and aspire to reach your own goals and dreams.  I want you to also live with Heart and Soul and live the life you have always imagined.  

I would be honoured to support you in using essential oils whilst you travel your own path of Heart and Soul. 


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